Friday, November 6, 2009

flu induced insomnia ramblings

  • And right on cue Brian Williams shows up in the middle of a perfectly good episode of "30 Rock" tonight.

  • Speaking of the Denver Post ed board, a colleague (who is in a reasonably informed position to comment on such matters) believes that the Post's reflexively anti-union editorial board position is actually grounded in the huge financial interest that the publisher has in pleasing Jake Jabs. In other words Dean Singleton desperately needs the advertising revenues from Jabs' American Furniture Warehouse so Singleton throws him red meat by attacking unions and taxes from the editorial pages. Singleton himself isn't an ideologue. As a business man he's not big on unions or taxes obviously but those issues are hardly the cause célèbres for Singleton that they are for Jabs.

  • Big cuts to education coming from Ritter. A couple of thoughts. One, how has this played out within the administration considering that the Lt. Governor was selected specifically to work on K-12 issues? Not to mention that O'Brien was a driving force behind Amendment 23. Which brings me to my second point, will someone from the education community bring suit against the governor for violating Amendment 23 with these cuts?

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