Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leadership deficit

Pols has hit upon precisely the issue we are facing as the state tries to grapple with the budget deficit - the governor refuses to discuss ways of increasing revenue in the short term, much less the long term fiscal reform that is so desperately needed.

If a Democratic governor, in a time of great fiscal crisis, refuses to discuss increasing revenues and is instead solely focused on slashing state services is he even a Democrat anymore? What's the difference between the way Bill Ritter is handling this budget crisis and the way Bob Beauprez would have handled it? Or Scott McInnis?

What I'm asking governor is, what's the point anymore? Why should people like me in the grassroots fight for your re-election next year? If you refuse to stand up and fight for what I think that you know is actually the right thing then why should we fight for you?

Weak and ineffectual leaders lose elections, especially in times of crisis.

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