Thursday, April 9, 2009

Strong language from Marsotica for his leadership

This is some serious bluster from Don Marostica (R-Loveland),

Meanwhile, Republicans said the JBC should look harder at furloughs and pay cuts, as well as spending reductions across all departments.

"We think that the budget committee didn't do the job they needed to do in spreading the pain," Penry said.

But the six-member JBC made no changes, saying there was not enough time to examine tax credits and exemptions in the current session that ends May 6 and that they did not support furloughs and pay cuts. JBC members expressed support for studying the tax breaks and allowing businesses to have input on them.

Several JBC members also said they believed they were being made scapegoats for this year's budget...

Rep. Don Marostica, R-Loveland, went further.

"Nuts to them," an angry Marostica said. "Tell them to go jump in a lake. Josh Penry first, and then all the lemmings will follow.

Marostica was in trouble with his party earlier this year for strident comments about Jon Caldera and Mark Hillman and also for sponsoring a budget fix bill. I don't imagine this latest outburst will go over well at all.

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