Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Lynn

I had a discussion with a co-worker today about the fact that since Lynn Bartels has moved to the Post they have had her doing little substantive reporting. Instead she's filing the most inane and trivial reports about the goings on in the Capitol.

It's painful to read this stuff everyday.

Lynn is a great reporter, better than anyone else the Post has down in the Capitol to be sure. Her editors should take the shackles off, let her do some real reporting and drop the high school level nonsense they've got her assigned to now.

Lynn deserves better and so do the readers of the Post.


John said...

Yeah but Steve, if they let Lynn do her job then the Post would actually have to print what she found out.

Seriously though, I agree 100%.

Free Bartels!

Phil said...

The problem is that The Post sucks all around. Awful coverage on just about everything. They would rather give more stories and higher billing to the hack Tina Griego.