Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doctors and lawyers don't get along? Who knew!?

From this morning's Denver Post,

Rep. Christine Scanlan has had quite an education the past few weeks about the level of trust and good will between the legal and medical communities.

Scanlan, D-Dillon, sponsored a bill this year to allow injured patients to sue doctors for more money, increasing long-standing caps on medical malpractice awards. But Scanlan on Monday gutted her own bill after finding that it was impossible for docs and lawyers to reach a compromise, likely dooming the bill with members of her own party.

She expressed surprise about the level of animosity between the two groups...

Emphasis mine. Not to go all Seth Myers on Rep. Scanlan (whom I like) but, really!? You didn't know that the Colorado Medical Society isn't exactly chummy with the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association? I'm pretty sure that Doctors vs. Lawyers is the basis for Interest Group Politics 101.

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