Friday, March 27, 2009

HD3 vacancy committee selects Dan Kagan

Dan Kagan was on my short list of people I didn't want to secure Anne McGihon's seat in HD3. I don't really care much for Hillary dead-enders who go out of their way to embarrass their party and their party's presidential nominee during the convention. I'm finicky that way.

Maybe he'll be a good legislator though. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and wish him well on his new endeavor. It's about time HD3 had a responsible representative. Anne McGihon's main focus was Anne McGihon. She was unreliable on key issues, she pouted and threatened in order to secure her Chairmanship and was a general pain in the neck. The Democratic leadership are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief now that this ego-maniac is gone. As a friend who worked with McGihon for many years wrote to me last week, "the crazy lady has left the building."*

*She's not literally crazy, just erratic.

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