Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Business Community's HD3 candidate

Apparently Sam Cassidy is considering throwing his hat into the ring for the soon-to-be open HD3 seat. I cannot stress enough what a mistake it would be to hand a Democratic seat to Cassidy.

Cassidy is currently at DU, heading up the Dept of Business Ethics and Legal Studies. He served in the legislature for a couple of years in the early 90s representing the 6th district in southwest Colorado before becoming LG for 2 years.

What should concern Denver Democrats though is Cassidy's business and oil and gas background. For 16 years Cassidy headed up an oil and gas exploration company, Sam Cassidy Inc. Given the battles we have witnessed down at the capitol the last 2 years over the governor's attempts to rein in an out of control industry it would be a tremendous step backwards to see a long-standing oil and gas man handed a Denver seat.

After leaving the Lt. Governor's office Cassidy was President and CEO of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry - the state chamber of commerce. Anyone who follows state politics is aware of the noxious role played by CACI in attacking Democrats state wide and the issues and concerns of Democratic constituents. This is an organization that is dedicated to representing the narrow interests of Colorado's big business community.

Cassidy may have been a fine representative of southwest Colorado 2 decades ago but he's not representative of a Denver house district in 2009. I encourage residents of HD3 to contact their precinct captains and vigorously oppose Sam Cassidy's candidacy in HD3. You deserve a state House Representative who will fight for you and not be looking out for his oil and gas buddies and big business special interests.

There's an HD3 Democrats meeting scheduled for this Saturday, go stand up for your district

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