Sunday, January 4, 2009

What about the process?

Wade Norris makes a good point about the Senate selection over at Pols,

I will state that while I do not fully agree with David Sirota's attack on Michael Bennett, I am well prepared to examine the Governor's pick, not based on Mr. Bennett's qualifications, but rather on the Governor's lack of explanation for passing over several other qualified candidates, each of whom have served office and 'earned their stripes' in Colorado politics... Perlmutter, Fitzgerald, DeGette, etc. not least of which is Former House Majority Leader, Andrew Romanoff.
Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe the Colorado GOP can't field a contender vs. any Dem in 2010, so it doesn't matter. But for guys like me, and people like me, who watch this process, it makes little sense.

The process that the governor used is itself a bit confounding. We essentially have NO idea what went on. Considering the governor's obsession with process (see the way the transition was conducted and the numerous blue ribbon commissions for examples of this) the way that this was handled is pretty surprising. It's a fair criticism.

I have to say though that the more I think about this pick the less it bothers me. Not that I was all that bothered in the first place.

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