Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stimulus politics

I think DougJ at Balloon-Juice has the current... ummm... dynamic pretty well pegged,

Obviously, Republicans hope that the economy is deep, deep in the shitter in 2010. That’s the only way they get back into power. They can’t stop the stimulus, all they can do is fuck around and try to score a few political points about contraceptives or “Federal Performance Art grant or some such nonsense” and then hope that the thing fails.

At this point, they’re actively rooting for millions of Americans to be out of work. They’re barely even pretending not to.

As a party the GOP is much better in the minority than Democrats will ever be. Why? It's simple, Republican's don't care about good policy or good governance. Good governance is antithetical to the GOP, they don't believe in government and so there is no incentive when they hold power to govern well. When they are out of power this allows them to be an unflinching opposition without getting hung-up on niceties like worrying about the consequences of their actions or seeking a compromise based on good-faith bargaining. They play politics for the pure pursuit of power.

When I complain that no one in the Democratic Party "knows how to play this game" this is exactly what I am talking about.

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