Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey, I know that guy

I'm fighting a bit of insomnia tonight and decided to finally crack open that copy of "Outliers" that my aunt bought me for Christmas. It's an interesting and enjoyable light read and I'm making quite a bit of headway through it when I reach the chapter dealing with young Jewish lawyers dealing with the WASP establishment. There is a note at the bottom and it reads,

"The best analysis of how adversity turned into opportunity for Jewish lawyers has been done by legal scholar Eli Wald..." (Gladwell, p129)

Eli Wald is not a common name but could this be the same Eli Wald who was a law professor of mine at the University of Denver? I hopped online and sure enough, it is the same Eli Wald. Malcolm Gladwell uses a sizeable quote from Prof. Wald's work, this is no mere passing mention. Frankly, Wald seems to have beaten Gladwell to his "Outliers" thesis.

Congratulations to Prof. Wald for this bit of pop culture appreciation.

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