Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Helping them catapult the propoganda

I see that Obama had dinner with George Will, David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer yesterday. At George Will's house no less. Suffice it to say I find these types of paeans to the conservative opinion makers by prominent Democrats to be completely self-defeating.

In Colorado Bill Ritter has gone on Mike Rosen's radio show every week since Ritter won election in 2006. Rosen is a wingnut, plain and simple. He lies, he distorts and he opposes just about everything that Bill Ritter claims to stand for. Has going on that radio show done anything to change Rosen's behavior? Of course not. But now Rosen isn't just another rightwing crank with a radio show, he's a rightwing crank whom the governor has deemed worthy of a weekly interview.

Mike Rosen is a liar and a fool. By going on his show every week Governor Ritter merely elevates the prestige of the liar and therefore gives far more credence to Rosen's crankery than it deserves. Ritter gains nothing by appearing on the show but he does make one of his chief critics just that much more important. It's high time the governor stops helping Mike Rosen catapult his rightwing propaganda.

Has Bill Ritter ever posted a diary on Square State? Has ever engaged in a Q&A on ColoradoPols? Mike Rosen's listeners aren't going to be knocking on doors for you in 2010 governor. They won't be phone banking for you and they won't be writing checks to your campaign. Instead of engaging the fringe right its time to start working with your base and engaging your party's activists.

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