Friday, January 16, 2009

Harsanyi: Climate change? That's unpossible

Atrios makes a funny today,

It's Cold

I bet Al Gore feels pretty stupid now.


Now lets see what's on the Denver Post op-ed pages. Oh, David Harsanyi has a column, whatever might it be about?

Debate over; it's freezing

...The day [Congressman Henry] Waxman delivered his statement [on climate change action], the National Weather Service issued a warning for Chicago about wind chill somewhere in the vicinity of 25 to 40 below zero. In Maine, citizens expected something around 40 below zero. And Iowans were warned that temperatures could drop as far as 27 below. In many places across the nation, there was record-setting cold.

So, in other words, Waxman expects these unfortunate glacial souls to pay higher energy prices to shield themselves from Arctic chills in the name of global warming?

The modern conservative movement will be the death of satire. How can you satirize people who are already so juvenile, illogical and who revel so completely in their ignorance?

Harsanyi strikes me less as an ideologue than as a habitual contrarian. He's not a stupid man but he'll embrace the stupidest memes that the right can conjure up just so he can oppose liberals. It's not about ideology, it's about being annoying liberals. They'll embrace anyone (see Palin, Sarah) or anything so long as they think that it will piss of liberals. I long for the day that the right again has has actual intellectuals speaking on it's behalf, men like Friedman, Buckley or even Sullivan. For now though we're stuck with juvenille pundits like Harsanyi who seem to be writing for no greater purpose than to satisfy their most immature instincts.

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