Friday, January 30, 2009

Denver sees 6 percent increase in parking tickets in 2008

Shorter Denver Public Works spokesperson: We're like so totally full of shit.

Denver's parking agents handed out 6 percent more parking tickets last year, and parking ticket revenue shot up by nearly 20 percent.

While CBS4 obtained documents that indicate the city's vehicle control agents must meet specific ticket targets, a spokesperson for Denver's Public Works Division says the city is not attempting to bridge revenue shortfalls by writing more tickets.

"I think it's too easy of a connection to say that revenue from parking tickets would make up for a budget shortfall. The math doesn't add up," said Ann Williams, public works spokesperson.

That's pretty audacious. Does anyone actually believe that the rise in parking violations and subsequent revenues is not actually linked to the city budget crisis? I'd be more upset if they weren't linked.

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