Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another impotent Colorado legislative investigation comes to a conclusion

An ethics panel comprised of state legislators has dismissed a complaint fellow legislator David Balmer. From the Rocky,

An ethics committee this morning dismissed a complaint against Rep. David Balmer, saying there is no evidence the Centennial Republican acted inappropriately during his race for minority leader.

Reading further I came across this bizarre assertion from Rep. Curry,

Rep. Kathleen Curry, D-Gunnison, said the work of the legislature on the complaint shows that lawmakers "can police ourselves.

"But I do think this is a wake-up call for all of us to read the rules," she said.

I'd argue that it proves just the opposite. These ethics panels never hold any legislators accountable for anything. A few years Rep. Joe Stengel was caught essentially stealing money from taxpayers and got off scot-free. They are a complete farce.

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