Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NY Times on vinyl's resurgence

Good article in the NY Times about the resurgence of vinyl. A year ago I had never owned a record or record player. Now I own close to 200 albums on vinyl and play them on the same turntable that is pictured in the article - a nice hi-fi "entry level" table. I bought my first hi-fi speakers and amp about 6 years ago but have been obsessed with music since I was a kid. (Odd I suppose considering that my parents only ever listened to music when we were in the car) I had cassette tapes at first and then received my first CD player when I was 13 and went about building a "component" stereo system.

Vinyl has been a great discovery. The sound is, of course, wonderful. The actual music is of higher quality as well given the physical constraints of vinyl; no filler songs when you only have 45 minutes or so of music as opposed to 70+ with CDs. I have essentially completely stopped buying CDs. Many new releases now come out on vinyl with either a copy of the CD included or a code to download the MP3's. It's a great way to package music - vinyl for the home and a digital format to take with you on your iPod.

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