Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'll take "Really Terrible, Horrible, No Good Ideas" for $1,000 Alex

Ezra Klein this morning on appointing a car czar,

But surveying the situation, one rather obvious candidate would be Mitt Romney. Michigan roots, a professional background in salvaging failing companies, and a political incentive to succeed.

Pardon my French but are you fucking kidding me?

Mitt Romney? Ezra have you been paying any attention at all to Romney's "solutions" during this crisis? Making him the Car Czar would guarantee the destruction of workers benefits, wages and the UAW itself. Read his recent New York Times op-ed on the issue. It's a tour-de-force of right-wing memes, distortions and lies. Reading that it's clear that Mitt Romney doesn't have a clue about the present situation in Detroit.

You don't start rebuilding the middle-class (and subsequently the economy) by taking a sledge-hammer to Detroit's workers.

The fact that Mitt Romney was born to a prominent Michigan family isn't a qualification. As for his record of salvaging companies, there's nothing in his record that indicates he has any knowledge about the car industry - save for being born in Michigan. His political incentive is to destroy the UAW and crush the wages of Detroit's workers. He doesn't need to save the American car industry to be viewed as a successful car czar by the right-wing.

Sorry Ezra, I'm usually with you but this is a VERY bad idea.

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