Friday, December 12, 2008

Deep thought

Now would seem to be a good time to force a good old fashioned filibuster in the Senate. I'm talking about wheeling in the cots and making Senator Corker go to the well and read out of his Bible for the next 3 days if he really wants to block a vote on the auto deal.

Make them own this, let the whole country see exactly who is responsible for the destruction of the economy.

Even Dick Cheney understands the consequences of a failure of the auto industry.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall is with me on the filibuster,

What I do think makes sense is for the majority to actually require the minority to filibuster -- as in talk and talk and talk. We've arrived at a point in which it's become standard, even in the most contentious of cases, for the minority to be allowed merely to signal the intention to filibuster rather than doing the actual thing itself. Filibustering is a tool of obstruction. It's a critical right of the minority in the senate. But it is, by definition, obstruction. So it makes sense to put the obstructionists to their task, make them do it publicly. I don't know why the Democrats are not doing that in this case.

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