Saturday, November 1, 2008

More on the ground game

In August I wrote a lengthy post about the organization of the Obama campaign,

Organizing communities, registering voters and turning out the vote are all important pieces of Barack Obama's past and his development as a political animal. It should then come as no surprise that a strong ground game is what Obama is banking on to carry him to a win this November.

Field operations and ground games are not sexy. They don't inspire bloggers, journalists or pundits to pontificate and wax eloquently. They don't inspire debate on the cable tv shows. In fact field operations and ground games are barely discussed outside of campaign offices and campaign staffs. Ask any campaign professional though and they will tell you that elections are won and lost on the ground - who turns out voters in key precints that swing an entire state to one candidate?

As we enter the home stretch the field campaigns are in full effect. Messaging and ad buys don't matter, voter contacts do. Barack Obama is at heart a community organizer and his campaign reflects this. It has been built from the ground up and in the coming weeks when the story of the 2008 race is being penned the massive field organization of Obama will be chapter one. Today Roger Simon of Politico gives the field operation its due credit on MSNBC,


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