Friday, October 17, 2008

Senator Mark Udall has a nice ring to it

Marc Ambinder reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is pulling out of Colorado and essentially giving up on Bob Schaeffer. The national GOP has now conceded Schaffer's defeat.

Colorado is going to have two Democratic senators, a complete reversal in the last 2 Senatorial elections. In 2004 Colorado had 5 GOP House members and 2 Dem house members. If Betsey Markey can hold on then the Democrats will have taken CD3, CD7 and CD4 from the GOP for a complete reversal to a 5 to 2 Dem advantage in 3 election cycles. This is a truly stunning repudiation of the GOP here in the state.

Also intereting to note is that the shine is now clearly off Dick Wadhams. He has managed two calamtous GOP Senate campaigns in the last 2 cycles - 2006 with George Allen and now Schaffer. Quite a stunning fall from grace for the man once dubbed Rove 2.0 by the national press.

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