Monday, October 20, 2008

Rocky Mountain News punts on endorsements

Shorter John Temple: My party has been exposed as complete frauds and our presidential candidate is running a historically awful campagn. On that note we've decided that 2008 just isn't the year for political endorsements. I mean really, would you want to be on record as supporting these clowns? 

The Rocky is an interesting paper. They have hands down the best local/state political coverage in the state, they run circles around the Post in this regard. However their editorial stances are reliably right-wing and John Temple and Vincent Carroll are generally far-right in their view points. It's definitely a mixed bag but if you want to follow state and local politics the Rocky is the best paper in town, just don't read the Opinion section. It's almost a Colorado version of the Wall Street Journal - great news coverage and a down right nutty Op-Ed section. 

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