Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Post and Rocky come out against 54

Both papers recognize what I have been arguing for some time. Namely that Amednment 54 would unconstiutionally strip many Coloradans of their 1st Amendment right to free speech. 

Yes, our support of transparent and clean government is sacrosanct, but our view of the proposed Amendment 54 is that its backers are pretending to advocate for good government even while they endeavor to restrict fundamental freedoms. 

Backers of Amendment 54 believe there's a "presumption of impropriety between contributions to any campaign and sole-source government contracts," and they want the Colorado Constitution to reflect their sense of outrage, too.

We've never accepted the assumption that contributing to political campaigns is "corrupt misconduct," as the amendment also states. It's actually an extension of free speech and political advocacy that should not be muzzled, as Amendment 54 would do.

The amendment would bar untold numbers of Coloradans from advocating their positions by making contributions to candidates or political parties - all because they happen to be a government contractor or related to one

The backers of Amendment 54 are seeking to silence the voices of regular middle-class Coloradans while exempting their big money corporate out of state friends. They're hiding behind a message of "clean government" when in fact their Amendment would only work to prevent ordinary citizens from expressing their political views. 

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