Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain camp confirms that they've been out organized in Colorado

David Thielen points us to this report from CNN,

This source said while the polls in Colorado remain close, he and most others in the operation were of the opinion that the Obama campaign and its allies have a far superior ground/turnout operation and "most of us have a hard time counting on Colorado."

This confirms what I posted earlier, John McCain didn't bother to put together a field/GOTV operation in Colorado. That's both inexplicable and inexcusable. I guess while McCain was busy hiring every lobbyist in site to fill the top slots on the campaign he forgot to hire a seasoned field operations guru.

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Anonymous said...

Then why is he visiting Durango this Friday?

I'm 100% Obama - but there's something strangly cool about having a major party canidate visit your small town.

Nadar did in 2000.

JFK was here in 1960.

Seems McCain hasn't totally given up on the state.