Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kamisnky increasingly incoherent

Here's Ross Kaminsky tying himself in knots to pin the blame for our current economic crisis on anyone but the people who's ideas have ruled Washington since 1980,

If you want to find a place for blame for the current mess, look directly at people like David Sirota and the politicians whom he and other progressives support. They hate free markets, hate capitalism, hate people earning profits, and they’ve convinced you to hate those things too, so you’ve voted for Democrats and now we’re reaping the whirlwind.

Never mind that the GOP has controlled the White House for 20 of the past 28 years. Or that the one exception to that streak was an economically center-right Democrat who gleefully embraced the free-trade ideologies of the GOP (but who did, it should be noted, balance the budget). Never mind that the GOP has controlled Congress from 1995 until 2007. Forget all of that. The real people to blame are those who were out of power and whose economic ideas were completely marginalized.

Forget the hyperbole about hating free markets and profits. What does he mean "you've voted for Democrats..."? Who is he talking about and which Democrats? It wasn't that long ago that GOP partisans like Kaminsky were touting the potential for a "permanent Republican majority." They were bragging about the fact that they now reined electorally supreme over the supposedly hapless Democrats and that the Democratic Party would cease to exist as a viable national party.

Now they want to pretend like none of that ever happened and that the GOP has just been a helpless by-stander.

Perhaps while the GOP sits on the sidelines for the next 8 years they can find the time to relocate their sense of shame.

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