Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ACORN raid in Nevada

Let me first get this out of the way. ACORN is an organization with serious issues. I've worked with them profesionaly and it has not always been pleasant. There have been isolated issues of financial mis-management and, of course ,issues with the way they structure their voter registration program. 

That said the raid in Nevada yesterday does not in any way indicate massive voter fraud. Adam Serwer at The American Prospect draws the correct distinction

I don't really have an opinion as to whether or not ACORN is guilty of registration fraud, but given the hysteria on the Right over this issue it's worth pointing out that registration fraud and voter fraud are to distinct things. What people refer to as registration fraud can be as simple as filling out a form incorrectly. It's certainly true that you can fill out a form for a potted plant or your dog.

What is far more difficult and rare is actually getting a registration card for your plant or your dog and then showing up to vote more than once on election day. Fortunately registration fraud is far more common than voter fraud, since the latter is practically non-existent, and without it, the former is basically meaningless. A far greater threat to fair elections are the kind of voter intimidation and caging schemes that we've seen applied in past elections, and that some organizations are aggressively fighting this time around.

This is exactly right. Despite all of the braying by the right-wing this raid yesterday is not indicative of massive "voter fraud." The right is desperate to find voter fraud and they have essentially no evidence of isolated voter fraud much less systemic voer fraud. Yesterday's ACORN raid does nothing to change that. 


Anonymous said...

Doesn't ACORN have a history of voter fraud in Colorado?

In fact, following Colorado’s 2004 election, two ex-ACORN employees were CONVICTED of perjury for submitting false voter registration forms; one ex-ACORN employee admitted to registering her friends 40 times.

Do you really want to defend these crooks?

Steve Balboni said...


Someone has some serious reading comprehension issues.

You're alleging that voter registration issues are akin to actual voter fraud. Re-read my entire post, it is a direct rebuttal to your argument. Words matter and have specific meanings, your entire argument is based on conflating two very different issues. Either you don't understand the words you are typing and the allegations your are making or are you simply don't care about accuracy and truth.

As for "defending" ACORN I very clearly do nothing of the sort.