Friday, June 6, 2008

Udall, the war and DC bombthrowers

There is a tremendous post up at Progress Now Action and Colorado Pols from Alan Franklin regarding Congressman Mark Udall, his position on the Iraq war and the supreme arrogance of some who cast sweeping judgments on Udall last year.

When various liberal DC bombthrowers attacked Mark Udall on the Iraq war last year, absurdly lumping him with Joe Lieberman and branding him an "immoral coward" over a single vote, local observers scratched their heads and cried shame. "What the hell is this?" we asked. "Does this joker know anything about Mark Udall?"

The unnamed bombthrower is Matt Stoller, a member of the Sirota cabal who seek fealty to their own ideological standards and cast out any dissenters in harsh and acerbic terms. Stoller should be embarrased by his post last year and ought to publicly recant his statements.

Franklin points us to an article in today's Denver Post detailing Mark Udall's position on the war and Bob Schaffer's position. Mark Udall voted against the Iraq War in 2002. Bob Schaffer voted for this war and to this day "doesn't regret his vote." Franklin concludes that "it is about as unambigous a contrast as you'll ever find" and he couldn't be more right.

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