Friday, May 16, 2008

Things Widespread Panic fans like...

It's Friday, let's have some fun.

In the tradition of "Stuff White People Like" we get a post on "Things Panic Fans Like"

I found it to be pretty amusing but now I suddenly have a burning desire to get my weekend started with a bourbon drink and to dig out my DAT of 4-3-96.


Phil said...

I CAN'T wait for my first bourbon drink here in about 3 hours.

Matt S said...

Hillarious! Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh. Speaking of bourbon, I've been drinking a lot of Buffalo Trace bourbon latey. You should give it a try if you can find it. I'm convinced that it's by far the best bourbon for the money. I've read reviews that rate it higher that Bookers, Basil Hayden's, etc... and I can find it in Ft. Collins for $14.99 for a 750mL bottle. Yeah, I know I sound like a commercial, but it's just that good. Have a good weekend, Brother!


ps - go Cubbies! Here's to 1st place!

Lucid Idiocy said...

4.3.96, best papa's home ever, I shit you not.

And I'm drinking bourbon.

rusty said...

and best arlene ever-- when getting arlene was actually a big deal unlike the McBrutal years which ruined it forever.

Another thing Widespread Panic fans like: complaining.

Steam Powered Opinions said...

One more thing Panic fans like, attaching the prefix "Mc" before negative adjectives.

In this election year it's actually a marketable skill.

elisabeth said...

is it possible to like both Panic AND Wilco?

I think it is if you like Panic from 96... and not 2006.