Friday, May 2, 2008

Palfrey's death...

It's not often I agree with The Atlantic's glibertarian-in-chief Megan McArdle but she's spot on here,

When an unjust law makes someone's life so unendurable that they end it, I lay much of the responsibility at the foot of the law, the system that contributed. Yes, clinical depression is complicated. But suicide very often has a traumatic trigger, and it's pretty clear that the trigger here was the unnecessary prosecution of a woman who wasn't doing anything the government had any business interfering with.

I had much the same reaction yesterday when I read about the suicide of the "D.C. Madam." It just seemed like an utter waste. Let us remember that Palfrey's is the second suicide to come out of this investigation. Her one time employee, Dr. Brandy Britton, killed herself over a year ago. Two people dead as a result of a vigorous Federal investigation and prosecution of a crime which involved consensual private activity between adults. It's an appalling waste of Federal resources and of lives.

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