Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama offers First 100 Days pledge in Denver

I haven't seen this mentioned in any of the local coverage of Obama's stop in Denver yesterday but Marc Ambinder reports what I think is a pretty significant development.

At a fundraiser in Denver last night, Sen. Barack Obama signaled that he would use the grace period of his first 100 days in office to push through national health insurance plan.

This a big development in two ways

1. Many Democrats (myself included) have been reluctant to throw our support behind Obama because we have perceived (rightfully I believe) that Hillary Clinton offers the better national health insurance plan. This is a clear signal to those who place a high priority on health insurance that Obama sees health care as the top domestic priority as well.

2. It signals the beginning of the campaign's pivot away from the primary and the politics of change and a new focus on substantive policy issues.

I think it also says something about the importance of the Mountain West that Obama would make such a statement here in Denver.


Ben said...

Colorado is def. the gateway to the Rocky Mtn Victory route Obama wants. I think those who are already counting in his column are getting a tad bit ahead of themseleves though.

barfly said...

Both health care plans are cop-outs. Single payer, medicare for everyone is the only way to go. I hope Obama has a great presidency. But if he tries to use his political capital on this issue, it will be like a re-run of the first 100 days of the first Clinton term, which almost sank his presidency.

Barack: don't do it!!

Don't use your capital in a fight. Use it on ethics reform, on campaign finance reform, on chasing down loose nukes, on beginning the end game in Iraq, and on raising the minimum wage again. Those successes will get you more capital. Then you can go after the H-care mess, perhaps.

but a new pres has to build trust. You won't acquire any by going after something that gores your opponents' favorite bull!!

Clinton tried to do H-Care and the gays in the military thing -- and it lit up the right wing for the next eight years.

Lull them to sleep Barack. Lull them to sleep. Then work a health care bill.