Friday, May 23, 2008

It's not my party but...

I think I'd be pretty annoyed if I was an actual Libertarian and my Party's presidential nominating process was being over run with people joining for matters of convenience and not so much a true belief in the ideology.

First it was Mike Gravel, who cited the fact that Democratic Party was no longer the Party of FDR and thus he would be seeking the Libertarian nomination. One wonders if Gravel even understands what the word "libertarian" even means*. His point on the Democratic Party may or may not be accurate but if it is true logic would lead you pretty much anywhere but the Libertarian Party.

Next it was former Republican congressman Bob Barr. Now Barr has certainly moved himself ideologically closer to the libertarian ideology since he left Congress but his campaign still smacks of an opportunistic outsider feasting on the ballot access that the Libertarian Party can provide.

Today we have political dilettante Tucker Carlson's name being floated. Tucker freaking Carlson. Tucker is known for his bow ties and his slavish devotion to towing the GOP line on any number of issues. Apparently now mildly disagreeing with the outrages of the Bush administration on a bad cable news program is enough to qualify one as a Libertarian.

I'm obviously not a Libertarian but if my Party was being treated as a play toy by the likes of Tucker Carlson and various opportunistic outsiders I'd be pretty pissed off. The Libertarian Party has worked hard for decades to gain the modicum of success and respectability they now have. It's not much but political movements are not built in a day and one has to respect the devotion of the Party's state and local leaders and grassroots members. That is unless you're a pol searching for an easy way to gain ballot access or a media celebrity seeking a cheap stunt to get your name in the press after your TV show was canceled.

These candidates are showing absolutely no respect whatsoever for the Libertarian Party or it's members. It is being treated as nothing more than a vessel for disaffected politicians to carry on vanity campaigns. It degenerates the Party and, I think, debases it in the eyes of the public.

*Sorry Skyler, I like you a lot from what I know of you but I can't support the Senators move to the Libertarian Party.

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