Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bob Beauprez would like a mulligan

After losing the 2006 Colorado gubernatorial race in spectacular fashion to Bill Ritter you would think Bob Beauprez would have gotten the hint. Apparently not,

Republican Bob Beauprez says he still thinks about being governor of Colorado.

So much so, he’s considering running against Gov. Bill Ritter in 2010. "There are only a couple jobs that pique my interest and this is one," Beauprez said, not disclosing what the other might be.

He can't be serious can he? He was beaten by nearly 16 points in 2006. He ran a clumsy, amateurish and borderline criminal campaign. His campaign was listed as one of the worst of 2006 in the entire nation by the Washington Post. The only person who thinks that Bob Beauprez running for governor again is a good idea is Both Ways Bob himself.

I especially love this quote,

"I'm definitely not saying no (to running). My interest in the job was not a fleeting fancy."

Really? Then why couldn't you articulate anything resembling a clear message for why you were running? He ran his campaign as if being a rising Republican star in the state was enough of a reason for voters to select him. He had no vision for the state and outside of voting in lock-step with Tom DeLay he never articulated a governing philosophy while in Congress. If you need more proof that Bob Beauprez is little more than an empty suit note this response,

He declined to discuss what he would have done differently than Ritter as governor, or why he thought the second time around might be more successful.

Nothing has changed. He has no rationale for his candidacy outside of the fact that wants to be governor. Here he is given a perfect setup in a softball interview to define himself, frame Ritter and begin to lay the groundwork for 2010 and he passes on it. He apparently learned absolutely nothing from the 2006 debacle.

As a Democrat I can think of nothing better for the incumbent governor than another Bob Beauprez candidacy. Run Bob Run!

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