Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've threatened to discuss baseball on this blog before but I haven't written much to date. So here goes.

While I root for the Rockies since I live in Denver I am a died in the wool Cardinals fan so this has been a fun season so far. It's still very early but the Cardinals have surprised everyone and are sitting in first place in the NL Central after many prognosticators picked them to finish dead last. They've already won as many games this year as they did in all of April and May of last year. Somehow our starting pitching has held together and our young outfield has played well above expectations. All of that said we're weak at 2nd and short and I don't trust Jason Isringhausen as a closer and haven't for quite some time, so we'll have to see if we can keep this up.

The Rockies are a wreck and without Tulowitzki for the next few months I don't know how they can turn it around. Last season was tremendous fun but it looks like the pitching has returned to earth. The Diamondbacks could very well be the best team in baseball and the Dodgers are going to be competitive for the wild card, so I think the Rox chances of making the playoffs this year are about nil. Hopefully they can scratch back to .500 and have a positive year. It's a shame to see the momentum that the franchise generated last year just disappear. Attendance is way down and it looks like many of the new fans from last fall have already left the team.

I was at the game on Monday and saw Albert Pujols' mad dash from 2nd to score the game winning run. Last night Cardinals fans were treated to a home run from Rick Ankiel and two of the greatest throws you will ever see. Ankiel has had a lot of trials and tribulations throughout his life besides his infamous meltdown in the playoffs as a rookie pitcher. I's nice to see a guy who has battled through a lot have some hard earned success. Here's a video of those throws from last night...

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Phil said...

Wow, nice throws. You guys don't have any worry of finishing last in the division, that place will be held by my Reds.

At least Joey Votto hit three homers off of Cubs pitching today.