Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anti-worker ballot measures increasing solidarity

The anti-worker "Right to Work" ballot measure that the fringe right is pushing on the ballot this November looks to be actually helping labor close ranks, fund raise and strengthen the movement here in Colorado. A Denver Post article today details the fund raising efforts by labor to repel this dishonest attack and it appears that we are seeing the formation of a strong labor coalition, something that has not always been present in Colorado.

This isn't a surprise, when you find yourself under attack it forces you to work closely with allies old and new. Colorado's labor movement has always been a bit fractured and dysfunctional and it's never had great man power. Now, finding themselves under assault by right-wing ideologues and business interests they are closing ranks and organizing themselves in a way that we have not yet seen in Colorado.

This is one of the reasons that I changed my position on the governor's attempt to broker a deal and avoid a labor and business show down this fall. I think going through a campaign like this will do a lot to strengthen labor in Colorado and defuse some of the old rivalries. In the long run I think trying to shield the community from a nasty campaign would stunt the growth of labor in Colorado. Now, instead, we see labor is building a large infrastructure and fund raising base for the future.

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