Friday, April 25, 2008


A deal has been finalized to help alleviate traffic congestion on I-70.

From today's Rocky,

The agreement includes widening selected portions of I-70 to six lanes but not through the sensitive areas of Idaho Springs and Georgetown. Any consideration of six-laning through those narrow towns would be put off until a transit system is first in place, or by 2025 at the latest.

It locks in CDOT support for pursuing a mass transit system between Denver and Vail. Any future widening through Idaho Springs or Georgetown would only be considered if mass transit doesn't alleviate the need.

This seems like a very positive deal at first blush. It protects the historic towns along I-70, it involves local communities in the process and most importantly it forces CDOT to pursue a mass transit solution.


Rossputin said...


Forcing CDOT "to pursue a mass transit solution" doesn't seem like a very bright idea considering what a disaster FasTracks already is.

Anyway, thanks for the debate over on ColoradoPols.

I think you're all wrong...and that your economic views are actually dangerous...but the debate is fun.

By the way, I believe the link to this blog site from your page at ColoradoPols is incorrect. You might want to check that out.

Steam Powered Opinions said...

Well if you'll notice they are not forcing CDOT to install mass transit. Just to look at various options. This is the same thing you did with the Earth Day Executive Order, misrepresent a study as some sort of binding mandate.

>I think you're all wrong...and that >your economic views are actually >dangerous...but the debate is fun.

Well, I feel the same way about your views and I feel the facts lies pretty heavily in my favor.

Thanks for the recent debates, I think we'll have plenty more in the future.