Friday, April 25, 2008


In an email exchange with The Denver Post's Politics West Editor Stephen Keating last night Stephen informed me that they had added me to their Colorado Blog Roll. This was an entirely unsolicited move on their part and I'd like to thank Stephen publicly for the add.

Politics West is a great resource, I check it regularly (a few times a day) and appreciate the effort they've made to highlight non-professional bloggers like Josh Sharf and Ross Kaminsky, even if I disagree with their ideology.

So thanks again to The Post, Politics West and Mr. Keating and welcome to any of you who are finding me via the link on the Politics West website.


Phil said...

Nice work! Congrats.

Steam Powered Opinions said...


Matt S said...

Nice, man! I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up. Way to hand it to Ross K, too. He's always annoyed me with his cherry picked "facts." He's obviously extremely ignorant, or just a bald faced liar. I tend to believe the latter. My background is in evironmental science and all I can say is well done! Very well presented and hard to refute, though certain nimrods will always try.

Steam Powered Opinions said...

Thanks Matt, really appreciate that