Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Andrew Sullivan finds a nut

Maybe he's slowly figuring it out in regards to Obama, Wright and the GOP:

It's extremely depressing that the first major national black politician who takes on the victimology of Sharpton and Jackson is greeted by the right with the kind of cynicism you see at Malkin or the Corner or Reynolds. It reveals, I think, the deeper truth: the Republican right only wants a black Republican to do this. They are not as interested in getting beyond the racial question, in changing the hopes and reams of black America, as they are in exploiting it for partisan advantage. Their response to the first major black candidate for president tackling the old racial politics? "We don't believe him."

Brendan expresses dismay at Glenn Reynolds. But Reynolds voted against Harold Ford. There's no black Democrat who could ever pass muster. Because they're Democrats.

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